O-Duathlon - event details

In brief:

What: Navigation based course. Run 4 km, MTB 20 km, run 4 km

When: 3nd of December 2017

Where: Lakes Entrance, East Gippsland

Who: open for individuals, AR Duo teams (team of two, when both participants stay together for the entire course).

If you can not imagine racing without a map, this race is for you! O-Duathlon is an exciting combination of navigation based running and mountain biking. The course is consisted of two legs and designed for individuals and AR Duo categories (both team members stay together for the entire course). 

The map is given at the start line, so no preparation is required, just turn up at the start line, ready to race for 1,5-3,5 hours, depending on your level, and have fun, riding dedicated single tracks, running through the bush and chasing checkpoints.



The course is kept secret until the day of the race. Specially prepared colour maps will be used with all checkpoints pre-marked. You will receive your first map as you start the first run leg, so you’re going to be planning your route as you go! There is a separate map for each leg. You will receive the map for each following leg as you pass through the transition area. 

The estimated winning times for the race will be approximatly 1:40. The race will require you to find checkpoints using the provided map to navigate your way around the course. The navigation is quite straight forward and anyone capable of using the Melways to get to the event, is more than able to complete these races without getting lost. If you have not competed in navigation sports before, we suggest you to get water and nutrition ready for 2,5-3,5 hours.

During first and third running legs you can pick up checkpoints marked on your leg map in any order. Mountain biking leg will be linear order (i.e. 1 then 2 then 3, etc). 

There are two essential bits of gear (apart from your standard running and mountain biking gear). These are compass and mapboard, both available for hire during registration.